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Chunky Chocolate Cookie - S'mores

Chunky Chocolate Cookie - S'mores

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These Chunky Chocolate Cookies are made with an original cookie recipe, handmade from scratch and taste like indulgence in dessert form.

S'mores are a traditional US dessert, first you take two biscuits (Graham Crackers for Americans) and place a square of milk chocolate in between each and then a big fluffy marshmallow in the middle. Layer them together to make a sandwich and roast over an open campfire. Yummmmm

Our S'mores Cookies come with our original cookie dough recipe, loaded with chips of white chocolate and scattered with scorched gooey marshmallows

Delicious as is or heated for a gooey centre 

Chunky Chocolate Cookies can be purchased individually as a sweet treat or they make the perfect gift; birthday gift, thank you gift, thinking of you gift and everything in-between. 

We put so much love and care into every dessert we make, leave the thoughtful hand- selections up to us, all you need to do for gifts from now on is click on this website and know that we will take care of the rest. Gifting Convenience is our thing!

Dessert boxes include Chunky Chocolate Cookies, Loaded Fudge Brownies & Rocky Road.

Personalised desserts delivered across Melbourne and we also offer fresh delivery Australia wide.

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Price is per cookie